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Graphics Settings Explained Feat -GTA 504:34

Graphics Settings Explained Feat -GTA 5 . GTA 5!

Common PC questions Answered

The number one question i always receive is What should i buy and can you help me pick out all the parts? Here is a good starting point when building or upgrading a system.

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1. Budget & Location

You may have listed a heap of parts that all add up to your preferred budget but it is easier if you just list the total amount you'd like to spend and the currency as well, as if you'd consider going above that budget for more performance. If you'd like PC building advice,We need the location as well because $US are different to $AUD and $CAD ect.

2. Aim

What is the system going to be used for? Web browsing, 3D work? Different systems need different levels of performance - a computer based for web browsing and office use won't handle heavy graphic design and video editing and a proper video editing system isn't good for gaming. If your aim is for gaming, please list what sort of gaming. In the same way that different usage types need different systems, you'll need a lot more power to run Far Cry 3 or Crysis 2 than you would Minecraft.

3. Monitors

How many monitors do you plan on running? Do you plan on moving to more monitors in the future? What resolution are they at too?

4. Peripherals

Do you also need to purchase peripherals such as keyboards and mice as well as monitors ect. Also note if you'll need an OS such as Windows.

5. Why are you upgrading?

We ask this because you may see upgrading as the only path to solve an issue but things such as driver updates, reconfiguration or cleaning can boost performance without spending a cent.

6. when are you upgrading?

You need to know when you plan on buying the computer. Sales often come and go regularly. So always be on the watch for the best deals.  

PS- If you'd like help Picking out the parts for your setup Then leave a comment. 

Have fun and keep building -Windspeed36/Calvin Mogilinski

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